Meet Us

All of us at Morrison Education Center are dedicated to seeing our students and clients become successful in the dental field. We each stay up to date with the constant changes in our industry and learning how to make the dental experience an enjoyable one for all involved, while keeping the patient our number one concern.

Owner and Founder Dr. Robert F. Morrison


Morrison Education Center was founded by Dr. Robert F. Morrison, DMD in Williamsburg, VA. Dr. Morrison has always had a strong passion for education and providing students with the opportunity to succeed. Dr. Morrison and the staff at MEC strongly believe in giving back to their community and look forward to meeting all future MEC students. Dr. Morrison is married to Alison, an independent business owner. They have two sons: Frank, a LT in the United States Coast Guard; Alex, a post-baccalaureate student at Old Dominion University. In his spare time, Dr. Morrison is a dedicated family man, and enjoys fishing on the Chesapeake bay, as well as kayaking, and restoring British MG cars. Dr. Morrison is also the Chairman of the TNCC Dental Hygiene Advisory Board.

Chief Operations Officer Alison Morrison

Alison joined Morrison Dental Group as the Chief Operations Officer in charge of strategic planning and overall management of the Morrison Dental Group practices and affiliated corporations under the Morrison name. She oversees the four dental practices located in Williamsburg, Norge, Newport News and Chincoteague, VA, as well as The Morrison Education Center, The Morrison Migraine Center and The Cranial Facial Imaging Center.

Her career has spanned several decades and she began work in the corporate world and worked in London England as the Director of Occupational Health and Preventive Medicine for all of the naval detachments in the UK and Germany. After returning to the United States Mrs. Morrison owned her own businesses and was a director on the board of Union Bankshares Corporation for ten years. During her tenure, she was asked to take a position as a member of the bank’s audit board.

She has taught business management courses in an adjunct capacity at the University of Maryland, City College of Chicago and Thomas Nelson Community College. She is fluent in Italian and Spanish. After hearing her viewpoint on insurance reimbursements and how the business of managing a dental practice has changed, she will provide insight on the importance of what it takes to run a practice and also the key components in any successful office.

Program Director Becky Morrison

Becky Morrison June 18Becky Morrison has served as Morrison Dental Group’s Marketing Director for the past four years. She has enjoyed helping to increase practice production and bring in new patients to the practice through internal and external marketing efforts. She is also the Program Director for Morrison Education Center and was fundamental in starting the school along with Dr. Morrison and Alison Morrison. Becky believes in making the full dental experience an enjoyable one for both the patient and the dental office staff, from the first phone call to checkout. She has a passion for looking at the dental practice as a whole, and helping other dentists make their practice the best that it can be.
In her spare time, Becky enjoys visiting new places and relaxing at the beach with her two dogs, Duke and Ellie, and her husband, Alex.

Program Administrator, Katie Wilson

Katie was born in Charlottesville, Virginia and relocated to the Williamsburg area in 2016 after getting married. She works for Morrison Dental Group as a marketing administrator and just recently became the program administrator for MEC. Katie is excited to be a part of the MEC team because she loves getting to know people. She is excited to work with each student individually and help them be the best student they can be throughout the program. In her spare time, Katie loves to take her dog Fonzie on walks and go to the beach whenever she gets a chance with her husband Tim.

Instructor, Venora Neal-Lee


 Venora has been in the field of dental assisting for 6 years. Before joining the Morrison Dental Group team, Venora worked at Olde Towne Medical and Dental Center. Venora has also been teaching with Morrison Education Center since the very first class in January of 2013.  She truly enjoys helping people with their smiles every day and finds the dental field very rewarding. As an instructor, Venora loves passing along information to students that she has learned throughout her many years in the dental field.  In her spare time, she enjoys shopping and watching T.V.

Instructor, Cindy Byrd


Cindy has experienced many different facets of the dental office over the years, as a hygiene assistant, front desk administrator, insurance coordinator and currently handles all the Billing and IT Services for Morrison Dental Group. Cindy began teaching with us in the Summer of 2013 and has really enjoyed working with students and watching them apply what they have learned. On a hot Summer day, you will be sure to find Cindy relaxing by the pool with her family. Also, she loves SpongeBob Squarepants, and some might even say they have the same laugh!


 Instructor, Ashlie Campbell


Ashlie teaches several courses in our Dental Assisting Program and began teaching with MEC in April of 2014. Ashlie has been a dental assistant for several years and was actually our very first graduate in MEC’s Dental Assisting Program! In addition to her dental assisting experience, she spent many years working the front desk of a medical office. She enjoys that she has the ability to teach students not only in the classroom, but with hands on activities as well. In her spare time, Ashlie likes spending time with friends and family and going to the beach and concerts in the Summer.


Instructor, Deborah Baughman, RDH


Deborah worked as a dental assistant for 5 years before stepping into the role as a hygienist 15 years ago. Deborah began teaching with Morrison Education Center in the Spring of 2014 and loves the fact that she can share her learning experiences to make the students feel more at ease. One of the things Deborah loves about the dental field is that the technology is always changing and evolving. In her spare time, Deborah loves spending time with her family and hanging out at the beach. She also served in the U.S Navy and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with MEC students in more terms to come!


Instructor, Charman Payne

Charman Payne MEC Bio

Charman has been a dental assistant for over 28 years. After being a team member with Morrison Dental Group and working with MEC interns, she saw how eager the students were to learn. Charman wanted to teach them what she has learned from past experience and help them on their journey as they navigate the dental profession. Charman loves her job as a dental assistant because she enjoys helping patients and the fun that she has with her coworkers. She is thrilled to be an instructor at MEC because she enjoys the student interaction and being able to make an impact on their future and she hopes to make a difference in their lives. In her spare time, Charman enjoys visiting her daughter in college, reading a good book, and going out on their boat with her husband. Charman has two cats that she loves to snuggle up with at the end of the day.

Instructor, Naté Howard, RDH

Naté was raised all over the U.S. in a military family. Her career in dentistry began when she enrolled as a student at New Horizons Regional Education Center to be a dental assistant. She then went on to attend Hygiene school at Old Dominion University. Naté’s favorite part of dentistry is meeting and interacting with patients and educating them about oral health. She is most excited to work for MEC because she wants to encourage and motivate students to their fullest potential. She loves to see a student master a set of skills and witness the sense of accomplishment they achieve. Naté enjoys being a hygienist for Morrison Dental Group because she loves working in a team environment. In her spare time, Naté enjoys fitness training.