Hear What Our Alumni Have to Say

The most rewarding features are the small class sizes and how helpful the instructors are.
Robin, Fall 2016 Graduate
I decided to come to Morrison Education Center because I wanted to be a hygienist and I wasn’t quite sure if this was the field for me. My Dad found this program and I figured it would be a great way to get my foot in the door and I absolutely love it! It was the best decision I’ve made so far.
Vanessa, Fall 2013 graduate
That we were able to work with all of the dentists and hygienists because every doctor and hygienist is very different. I didn’t expect that when I started the class. So I feel better prepared for future jobs knowing I can adjust to their styles.
Shannen, Winter 2014 graduate
I choose MEC because it’s an 11 week program, it’s fast and pretty easy and you learn everything you need to know before you even start in the dental field.
Jennifer, Spring 2014 graduate
The instructors were more than willing to help in any way.
Lauren, Fall 2013 graduate
I loved the lab and internship. The lab demonstrated what we learned during lecture and the internship put those skills to the test.
Nakeela, Winter 2014 graduate
The internship gave you hands on experience and a feel for what a day is like in the office.
Haley, Fall 2013 graduate
I enjoyed the way the instructors were always willing to help and answer questions.
Ericka, Fall 2013 graduate
I chose dental assisting because I figured it would give me the experience for when I go into dental hygiene school. My favorite part of the program was the internship. I really enjoyed working with the hygienists and the doctors and the hands on learning was a lot easier than book work.
Amanda, Fall 2014 graduate
There is nothing I would change about the program. I feel like I have gotten the full learning experience as a dental assistant.
Brittany, Winter 2015 graduate
The internship was awesome! I’m sad to leave! I really enjoyed this program. Everyone was very nice and helpful.
Krysta, Winter 2015 graduate
Very good course, I definitely felt more comfortable and prepared for my new job. Thanks!
Whitney, Winter 2015 graduate
I really enjoyed the program.
Ashley, Winter 2017 Graduate
Thank you so much! I can’t express how excited I was to take this program!
Lilian, Winter 2017 Graduate
I absolutely loved Faith, Ms. Cathy, Jasmine, and Dr. Fulop. They were truly there for me and helped me with everything I needed.
Tiffany, Winter 2017 Graduate
Before MEC I was working at a daycare. I loved being around kids, but it was a very stressful job with very little pay. Now I’m a dental assistant at a pediatric dental office! It only took me 11 weeks to get here. It was hard work but so worth it! I still get to work with kids everyday but I’ve now started a career that has so much more potential to grow!
Adriana, Fall 2014 graduate

All students are required to complete internship hours as part of their coursework. They gain hands-on, real-world experience.