Hands-On Learning Today, For a Career Tomorrow.

Our goal at Morrison Education Center is to provide students with a well-rounded education in the healthcare profession through labs, lectures, and internships. Whether you have recently completed high school or you are looking to change careers, Morrison Education Center can lead you to the road for success.

The Morrison Education Center Difference.

At Morrison Education Center, students don’t just shadow or observe. Students will first learn the material in class, then they will practice their skills in our dental office during their lab time. Each week during their internship, students will practice their skills during normal working hours, working with real dentists and dental assistants. Students complete 88 hours of internship, practicing the skills they learn during lab and lecture under the supervision of our highly experienced dentists and dental assistants.  Students graduate with confidence, ready for the dental field.

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Meet the Instructors

We have six highly qualified instructors for our school. They each have different expertise and personal experiences. They will rotate teaching each evening based on their strongest skills and abilities. Two instructors will always be present to help answer student’s questions and assist during lab time (if applicable to the course being taught).