Top 10 Reasons to Choose Morrison Education Center

Although there are many reasons to love MEC, we went ahead and compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why we think Morrison Education Center is the best choice for students wishing to begin their new career. Here we go! 

1. All of our programs are ALL INCLUSIVE! There are no hidden costs or fees and your tuition covers everything from textbooks to scrubs to lab materials. 

2.  All of our instructors are currently working in the field. This allows them the ability to provide students with relevant working knowledge of what is new or current in the dental field. 

3.  You graduate with real hands on experience in the field.  With both of our programs, students are required to complete a number of internship hours in the Morrison Dental Group offices located in Norge and Williamsburg. This gives students the hands on experience they need to be successful in the dental field. 

4. Lab and lecture are held above the Norge Office of Morrison Dental Group. Students have easy access to all the technology used in a state of art dental practice. 

5. All necessary certifications are included. Depending on the program, CPR certifications and/or Dental Radiation Safety Certifications are included.  The CPR certification course is held during regular class times and the Dental Radiation Safety certification is completed through Virginia Commonwealth University. 

6.  Just 11 weeks to your new career!  Our goal is train students quickly and efficiently, with labs accompanying every lecture to reinforce and perfect your skills. 

7. No “filler” courses.  We don’t want to make the class last longer just for the sake of costing more money, we teach you exactly what you need to know to be successful in the dental field. 

8. The dental field is fun and rewarding! Not only do you get to meet many different types of people, you get to help them feel more confident about themselves. AND who doesn’t love smiling?

9. The opportunity to work with different people in the field. At Morrison Dental Group, we have 6 Dentists and over 20 dental assistants and hygienists to work with. This gives our students the knowledge and flexibility to work with many different personalities. 

10. We are passionate about what we do!  We love educating the next generation of dental professionals!  

Still need more reasons? Visit our testimonials page to read what MEC graduates are saying about our programs! 


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