The Importance of Internships

Classes are so important in the advancement of your knowledge of a subject, but a lot of people don’t realize the significance of interning! Class time is great, but you really cannot master a subject until you deal with it hands-on. Firsthand experience speaks volumes and allows students to learn in a real-world situation.

Students who attend Morrison Education Center are required to complete 88 internship hours in our offices before they can graduate. Some students even reach over 100 hours during the 11 week process. This past semester, one student named Kaitlin Lollis completed 101 hours! These internships allow students the opportunity to learn from multiple dental assistants and actually practice with the materials that they are using in class. They understand that not every dentist is the same and not every dental assistant works in the same way. This allows them to discover how exactly they will work with certain coworkers and how their dynamics in the workplace will flow. During MEC, students learn the ins and outs of the job, and by the end of the program, our students are in the chair assisting experienced doctors!

These internship hours are the most important part in moving forward beyond MEC. Most dental offices and schools expect to see hands on experience on your resume as opposed to just your class work. Internships teach you what your workplace will be like after graduation and that knowledge is invaluable.


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