Is MEC Right for You?

You may be wondering, who exactly attends MEC? You may feel as though you’ve missed your chance, but the answer is simple, anyone can attend MEC!

We have people from all walks of life that decide to take the next step to begin a new career in Dental Assisting. Our main demographics are students just out of high school, students looking to go to dental hygiene school, stay at home parents looking to re-enter the work force, and anyone looking to change their career path. Students fresh out of high school may choose to directly enter the work force, and our 11 week program is ideal for that! Recent high school graduates are able to get their education and start a brand new career in under 3 months. Students looking to attend dental hygiene school are able to get their hands on interning experience prior to applying to school, which looks great on a resume. Students build basic skills with MEC then expand on that knowledge in hygiene school. Our program is also perfect for adults re-entering the work force because of our program schedule and length. These individuals gain their internship hours and are then highly marketable for employment. Last, it’s ideal for people who are wanting to change their career path. With our dental assistant program only being 11 weeks in length, we can get you into your new career quickly.

If you are deciding on your first career path or looking to switch to a new career, Morrison Education Center could be a wonderful fit for your life. If you have any hesitations, we are always available to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to us today by phone or email!

(757) 818-4999


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