A Day In The Life of a Dental Assistant

The dental assistant begins each day arriving at work before the office opens, to stock and prep everything for the day. Dental assistants must make sure that each room is prepared, and that charts, X-rays, and necessary procedural materials, such as bonding agents, are ready. At Morrison Dental Group, the whole staff gathers for a morning meeting before the patients arrive, to discuss the schedule for the day and go over any announcements. There are many things to prepare for each patient and procedure, including bringing the patient 

to the room, seating them, and putting on their bib. These steps have to be repeated for every patient throughout the day, and in most offices there are multiple patients being seen simultaneously in different rooms. Multi-tasking and juggling many different duties are essential to a dental assistant’s role. 

Once the room is prepared and the patient is seated, the dental assistant has to inform the dentist that the patient is ready. The assistant then helps the dentist through each step of the procedure. Dental assistants hold the patient’s tongue and cheeks back while the dentist works. They rinse the patient’s mouth and suction out extra saliva. They also provide the dentist with materials as needed, in addition to helping record notes on the patient’s chart. Afterward, they have to clean the room and get ready for the next patient.

Additionally, dental assistants often help the front desk staff by calling patients to confirm appointments. Dental assistants also help the dental hygienists with developing X-rays and bringing them clean instruments. In fact, dental assistants are responsible for sterilizing instruments for the entire office. In some offices, they also have to order supplies and make sure the office is fully stocked. 

At Morrison Education Center, we provide you with the opportunity to experience the role of a dental assistant as you are learning. We believe that the hands on experience with all of these tasks make you well prepared for your career ahead!  


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